The Fear of Judgement

There is a phase in our lives when we feel like we are rediscovering ourselves. It happened to me when I finally started to showcase who I am as a person to the world. I consider myself lucky that I grew up with the luxury to choose whatever I want to do, but I was always afraid of judgement. I was so concerned about everything around me but now I realize how abstract my thinking was. Continue reading “The Fear of Judgement”



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When the light shimmer down and cast away the shadows, I see the jigsaws fill up the voids all by itself… Patience is the game that very few plays. Give it some time and never be so swift to jump into conclusions. The sky is never going to stay cloudy all year long. Give it time, for the wind to carry those ready-to-burst thunder gallons on its wings. There was a time I was so impulsive that I was jumping into conclusions and giving up on myself literally in the speed of light. What did… Continue reading Jigsaws

Let’s talk about Criticism

I can relate very much with this topic. I have faced this problem all my life and nowadays I am understanding the power of constructive criticism. I learned that it helps me to improve my confidence. It is worth reading this article. Thank you for posting this



Well, “CRITICISM” is a really huge topic to discuss. We have been dealing with it throughout our life at one point or the other. And yes, we have been both on the receiving as well as on the giving end of it. More often than not, sadly I’ve found myself on the receiving end of it. I know, it’s just not me alone, but a vast majority is with me on that side of the table as well. And without doubt, I can assure that it’s not a pleasant experience at all. The reason why I decided to shed some light upon this topic is that I found some interesting facts while I was reading the famous book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie the other day.

Hold your horses! Don’t pounce on me yet. I know, I know……. there are two types of criticisms, one…

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