06: I am dealing with my fear.

I must admit that keeping up with the coronavirus-news and checking every day how many people affected, is not a good strategy to follow if you can’t contain your fear inside your head. I was feeling like fear is making more drama. Continue reading “06: I am dealing with my fear.”

03: The truth about being an introvert

It has been a week since I moved in here in this city but it is still new to me and just a bit too big. After talking to one of my close friends about how lonely I feel from time to time (I mean, in life in general), I decided to visit a friend in Berlin who lives a bit far from me. The 10 km bicycle ride was a good strategy since the famous historical landmarks Continue reading “03: The truth about being an introvert”

01: It doesn’t start here…

It has been a while I wrote something casual rather than posting my YouTube uploads. Well, that’s casual anyway. In a video, I explained the way I am trying to build good habits. Writing is always an outlet but I was going back and forth from that habit. It has become a hassle when my academic works were piling up for a year now but I am learning to understand this is who I am; the one who speaks about his issues, the one who Continue reading “01: It doesn’t start here…”