05: The road through uncertainty

The current situation is going crazy everywhere because of the Coronavirus. I know it will take a while for this situation to change and I am hopeful that that change will happen. I didn’t want to start talking about this particular issue but it seems like people are still taking it very lightly, at least here where I live, especially when the count of infected cases is now more than 1000. I agree there are two sides for this scenario, a large number of people who buy everything in the supermarket and completely making the situation worse by making necessities unavailable for others but I guess among the loudness of their actions, the people who don’t consider the situation and still going out as normal and conducting parties are not discussed enough. Anyway, I finished a week in the new office and things are pretty normal apart from the virus. I don’t feel particularly excited about the big changes in life especially because my focus is often shifting towards the elephant in the room.

As I had already mentioned in a previous video, Audible has become an easy way to jump back into the hobby of reading. I find self-help books more relaxing these days. I am currently reading ‘The subtle art of not giving a f*ck’ by Mark Manson and one particular chapter from that book hit me so hard and I am pretty sure I will have to speak more and share that information; maybe here, or on a different platform. When Mark Manson said, “many people become obsessed with being right about their life that they never end up actually living it.” I could see myself in those lines. Sometimes I wonder why I am being so hard on myself but at the same time, I know the answer to that question because I thought that’s the way to push myself. Nowadays I am exploring ways which don’t include putting myself down on the growth process. I guess it is working out. Meditation is also an outlet. I am finding it extremely calming. I am happy overall. happiness seems like more of a choice right now. Is my life extremely good right now or I am learning to solve my issues? I am still unsure about it but I definitely see the growth.

I feel like the quarantine days give me enough time to get connected to people as there are more phone calls and text messages, and chances for deep meaningful conversations beyond “how’s it going? — Well, fine!”. It is kind of funny to find how differently people are coping with the situation. Some of them are extremely happy to stay inside and some are so bored. The popular opinion is that introverts find it easy. I disagree with that because not all introverts would love to stay home all day; well, I am an example of such an introvert. My workplace is still functioning normally. Although it gives me a chance to take my bike twice a day to ride through the streets, I am not feeling satisfied or proud of that situation. But for a week I feel the difference. Life has fallen back to the cycle of “work, home and repeat”. the first two days felt frustrating as my other plans didn’t work out but now I am trying to make the most of my time. I guess there won’t be any stress sooner or later. I gotta agree, the hectic life as we used to see outside is getting slower each day, except in supermarkets. Sometimes it makes think, why do we rush every day when it could all be ceased with a virus all of a sudden, and indeed practically possible.

We cannot predict the future anyway, things are uncertain and it doesn’t mean that it has to have a bad ending. One thing which is certain is that this phase in all our lives will be memorable. It can be the best chance to sit back at home and think how easily everyone came under one roof beyond all the differences as the world is going through a collective crisis. Maybe it is gonna be the better start for many great movements in human history.

[…will be continued…]

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